Sectional screw flights

Sectional screw flights

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Conveyor screw flighting

Right and left handed thread


Endless spiral

Right handed flighting Left handed flighting  

Endless screw flighting

Right and left handed screws can be paired in a common wider trough for either feeding a mill or extracting from a bin. The discharge is wider than normal.


Endless screw flighting is used as a standard in trough and tubular conveyors. It is manufactured mostly in lengths of 3m. Because it is formed from flat bar the thickness adjacent to the pipe shaft is wider than the outer.

Sectional flights


 Screw conveyor with pallets

Sectional screw flights

Sectional flights are made from sheet metal blanks and press formed to fit the pipe diameter and pitch. Each section is approximately one pitch. The flights are welded one by one on the pipe shaft. They are mainly constructed from thicker plates used in heavy duty applications, like screw sections inside bins and for handling abrasive materials. Extraction screw conveyor type PSCE is designed with sectional flights.


Screw conveyor with pallets

Pallets are used for mixing-conveying purposes and for handling materials that tend to adhere to flighting at the pipe shaft.