Intake hopper with chain conveyor

Intake hoppers

Intake hoppers are used in storage plants and feed mills to receive bulk materials unloaded from tilting trucks. They are installed in intake pits i.e. underground. On top of the hopper there is a frame supporting the grating. The frame is supported to the concrete intake pit. The unloading is carried out by a chain conveyor. The inclination of the hopper side walls is 50 degrees as standard for easy flowing materials. The unloading chain conveyor has a hat inside the hopper on top of the returning chain so that the material is fed directly to the dragging chain.
When handling difficult flowing materials, such as soy bean flour, meat bone meals, etc. the inclination of the side walls is 60 degrees. The unloading chain conveyor for such materials has an intermediate bottom along the entire length of the hopper to avoid bridging. A capacity regulating shutter is positioned towards the tension station to control the flow rate of the bulk materials.
The volume of the 50 degrees hoppers ranges from 10 to 30 m3 and the 60 degrees up to 15 m3. The hopper lengths are 4, 6 and 8m. The unloading capacity starts from 31 to 298 m3/h.
They are constructed by mild steel painted, galvanized or stainless steel. Intake hoppers are usually covered by a steel structure shelter open at one end. It is also equipped with dust filters to gather the dust produced by the truck unloading.