The company was founded in 1939 by Alexander Papageorgiou as a workshop. It produced and machined cast components for the local agricultural market. He was also involved with the improvement of processes and retrofitting of machines to improve efficiency.

Later in 1972 the son Jerome Papageorgiou joined and formed the company by the name A. PAPAGEORGIOU & Son. The company developed machines for local cultivators of pistachio nuts and for farmers that wanted to produce their own feed.

Through the years the company had gained experience in the process engineering and manufacturing.

Today the company A. & E. PAPAGEORGIOU continues with new technology to produce better products.


ERCAD Engineering manufactures machinery for the processing industry. Produces bulk handling components for grain storage plants, feed and flour mills. Manages complete plant installations and assists in maintenance.

Produces nut processing machines for the cultivator and the industry. Such machines process pistachios, walnuts and chestnuts.

Offers subcontracting services to steel industry and manufacturers using latest technology in the sheetmetal field.

Scope is to deliver cost effective solution, product and service to our customer.